Alien #11: Revival Part 5 of 6

Alien #11: Revival Part 5 of 6

I love anything Alien. As many dark Sci-Fi lovers, couldn't wait for Alien to be printed under the Marvel/Disney stamp. Not a huge Disney fan, must admit. But we can't deny that Marvel has done a great job with the stories in this past years. (Set aside the whole distribution problems with the new changes). 

However it is so hard to look at these issues. The art is so unnatural and lacks the movement I would expect from an Alien series. The characters look like a non-rendered version of a 90s video game. Stiff, everything is stiff. 

The story is what you would expect. But nothing astonishing. I am not sure what the future is for Alien as the is the 5th out of 6 part. And Marvel Previews does not have any Alien issue listed for the month of July. 

Is this the last set of Alien comics we will see? My heart is thorn as I want more Alien in my shelf. But I really can't stand the stiff art being used. Maybe with the arrival of Predator in July these comics are all a prequel to an Alien vs Predator on-going series. 

But let's all be honest here, we are all waiting for a Darth Vader/Alien/Predator crossover and with all legalities cleared by Disney. Who knows?

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