Alien (2021 Marvel) Annual #1A

Alien (2021 Marvel) Annual #1A

PK Johnson brings us another chapter in the Alien saga. For the first year we are met with tyrannical corporations using Xenomorphs as possible weapons. A premise that perfectly fits the Alien Universe. With a reset of the story planned for A #1 Icarus (with @juliusohta joining as an artist), will the premise follow the same story we have been reading or will they explore new stories? Would be really interesting to delve into the story, origins and lore of the Alien creatures. Where do they come from? While the Alien/Corporate story can be re-told in such a vast universe without getting tiresome too fast, I feel they are missing an exciting opportunity of exploring Alien interacting with other non-human species or during different timelines.

Art is done by Salvador Larroca with Guru e-FX doing colors. Narrative is told through a classic setup of panels with an occasional break at peak actions. Color palettes define perfectly the change between scenes. I might be biased but art shines it most at outer space scenes and whenever we meet an Alien. Needless to say the image of an Alien facing outer space is gorgeous. As always, Cowles is on point with letters.Ā 

Artists shine with the amount of detail they can achieve with Cover A.Ā Ā 

šŸŽ­ šŸ– šŸŽØ āœ’ļø šŸ“ šŸ’» šŸ–Œ šŸ–¼

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Colorist: Guru-eFX

Letterer: VCā€™s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist: Salvador Larroca & Gur-eFX

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