Captain America Symbol of Truth (2022 Marvel) #3A

Captain America Symbol of Truth (2022 Marvel) #3A

The story and the plot thickens as the Wakanda government (Princess Shuri) and Latveria (Dr. Doom) get involved in a very complicated smuggling operation. And what is not to love about a Wilson & Wilson team (Captain America & Deadpool). As we move into the third book, the smuggling operation starts revealing the people involved in this story. The narrative jumps from omnipresent to first person.Ā 

Artistically, there is a big presence of close ups to intensify the narrative. Panels are used in a modern way and scenes are differentiated by titles cards, the old fashioned way. Colors are bright and detailed with a lot of use of layers with different shades. The cover portrays an abstract classical depiction of a Dr Doom on a medium shot and a full shot of Captain America defeating some villains. Body movement is perfectly captured. A classical cover with a beautiful approach of colors just like the comic itself.

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Writer: Tochi Onyebuchi

Artists: R.B. Silva & Ze Carlos

Letterer VCs Joe Caramagna

Color Artist: Jesus Aburtov

Cover: R.B. Silva & Jesus Aburtov

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