DC vs. Vampires (2021 DC) #7B

DC vs. Vampires (2021 DC) #7B

The seventh book is finally out as earth collapses under the reign of the undead. As if DC wasn’t dark enough, the mighty have fallen while small bubbles of resistance are still scattered around earth. Yet those that resist the vampiric empire have joined forces. Villians, supervillains, heroes and sidekicks have no factions anymore just one goal, save or destroy mankind. The popularity of this story is undoubtable. With two single issues half way and a spinoff already to be released, this saga promises to be one of the best ones this year. 

The artist plays with the layout of the panels in such a chaotic way it fits perfectly with the sense of urgency we feel while reading the book. A plentiful of red and dark tones remind us of the bloody nature of these creatures. They also drive us through a very long scene that will break with an unexpected twist, a unique weapon to be used by humanity. The remaining sequences still portray the disarray between humans that cannot find a unique plan to save themselves. Finally, we see a tie to the one-shot “DC vs Vampires: Killers”, which we strongly suggest you read if you are enjoying this series.  

Cover B by amazing artist Francesco Mattina. Vampire Harley Quinn? Yes please!

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Writer: James Tynion IV & Matthew Rosenberg

Artist: Otto Schmidt

Colorist: Otto Schmidt

Letterer:Tom Napolitano

Cover Artist: Franceso Mattina

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