DC vs Vampires #6

DC vs Vampires #6

It will be a little while till we get a next issue for this series. But we will see some other ones in-between such as DC vs Vampires: Hunters,

DC vs Vampires:Killers and a whole new mini-seres (6 issues) 

DC vs Vampires: All Out War. 

However this particular issue reveals to us the King of the Vampires!!!! And (spoiler alert)....


The death of one of our beloved heroes, The Batman. It is surprising to know a member of the bat-family is the King of Vampires, but maybe it shouldn't surprise us as much. With such an intricate plot to take over humanity, who better than a batman family member to create this chaos. Damian has been bitten, and clearing all speculations of his survival the Hunters issue portrays him in the cover. Will he be a Blade like half vampire avenging his father's death or will he be one of the most dangerous Vampires? With so few heroes and villains dead to protect humans, what will happen next?

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