DC vs. Vampires Hunters (2022 DC) #1B

DC vs. Vampires Hunters (2022 DC) #1B

Written by Matthew Rosenberg. Art by Neil Googe. Variant cover by Mico Suayan & Rex Locus.


This is the one-shot issue featuring Damian's story. We know that after the Dark Knight was killed by Nightwing himself, Damian was left behind ready to transform. Now we know what has happened and where Damian stands: Trying to take down Dick Grayson to avenge his father!!!

The art is entirely different from what we have been experiencing in the main story. However, it fits with the sarcastic, young and arrogant narrative of the Bat-heir. Damian might have been converted to a vampire, but he has stayed faithful to his character. The story itself is good and seemingly a bit predictable, but Rosenberg left a nice surprise in the end.

The cover is wonderful, in my opinion. It gives off the sort of style typically seen in the 90's issues. Mico Suayan is definitely an artist you should pay attention to!

Unfortunately we will have to wait a little while (till July) for the next DC vs Vampires issue, but there is another one coming soon feature Harley Quinn herself in late June. So, hold on tight and keep your wooden stakes next to you, we are hosting vampires for the rest of the year!

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