Fortnite X Marvel Zero War (2022 Marvel) #1A

Fortnite X Marvel Zero War (2022 Marvel) #1A

Written by Christos Gage. Art by Sergio Dávila. Cover by Leinil Yu.


Spider-Man is helping The Seven (who are really only six) gather heroes across the Marvel Universe. While some heroes will stay and defend earth, others must hurry and gather a crystallized fragment left behind by the devourer of worlds, Galactus. Wolverine is the first member to be selected by Spider-Man to help them recover the item. However Dr. Doom watches them closely as he seems to have joined the Imagined Order. 


What seems like a promised series, the comics also come with aesthetic giveaways on each comic. Currently this issue brings you a Spider-Man Zero Outfit. The story is very well written by Christos Gage who has previously brought us Batman/Fortnite. The art is done by Sergio Davila, a great artist. I particularly like his dark take on Dr. Doom. Cover is done by Leinil You who recently made a portray of 38 different Marvel characters. He recently worked on Deadpool Black, White and Red, and Conan.

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