Fortnite X Marvel Zero War (2022 Marvel) #3A

Fortnite X Marvel Zero War (2022 Marvel) #3A

It will never stop being fun seeing The Foundation and Iron Man working together. However the story is entirely taken over by Spiderman’s team and their fight against the lizard-ninjas. Gage and Mustard give us no down time in this comic. Scene after scene we jump right into an action packed story with a neutral omnipresent narrative. 

Artistically the panels are used in a very classical way. Colors yell Marvel from miles away however the background colors follow the Fortnite Palette. Scenes are divided by the storyline itself. There is a lot of attention to the characters themselves with a very well achieved depiction of movement. 

Like the past Batman/Fortnite crossover, each book comes with a Fortnite Cosmetic Item. This time we are getting the Adamantium Claws Pickaxe. 

The Cover A is done by Leinil Yu who has also worked on some Wolverine covers recently. The style is very detailed with lots of action poses and well interpretation of movement. . 

🎭 🖍 🎨 ✒️ 📝 💻 🖌 🖼

Writer: Christos Gage & Donald Mustard

Penciler: Sergio Davila

Inker: Sean Parsons

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover: Leinil Yu

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