Punisher (2022 Marvel) #1J

Punisher (2022 Marvel) #1J

This is not your usual Punisher story. At all! Let's start by saying the story is written by Jason Aaron. Check him out! Art by Jesus Saiz; Paul Azaceta. ** SPOILER ALERT** The character origin story is portrayed in only 3 pages (masterfully) from a 1st person Point-of-View. Those three pages are a piece of art by themselves.

After the prelude, the comic starts as any good Punisher comic would. We meet the non-ordinary crazy villains, in this case the Apostles. They are wearing nice black suits and what will remind you of Spartan helmets. (They look really cool and really culty) Per usual, Frank Castle gets rid of them effortlessly. Just to reveal, he is using ninja swords! Yes, The Punisher is using ninja swords. To also reveal, half-way the comic, he is helped by The Hand. Yes! The same Hand who had recruited/fought Elektra, Daredevil and Wolverine. The same very Hand with past ties to Hydra. That very Hand that is rumored to inspire the TMNT Foot Clan and the GI Joe's red ninjas.

A bunch of these acclaimed red ninjas are following and helping Punisher itself. A little Hand army at Punisher's disposal. What could go wrong? Once that twist comes into play, the comic becomes a rollercoaster of action packed images and storytelling build-up frames. Just to reveal the reason the Punisher is working with The Hand. They have brought Marie back to him. Yes, Marie, the love of his life. The woman he has avenged for an eternity. 

Praised as the King of Killers and the most accomplished Mass Murderer by The Hand, The Punisher is now their new Lord. Where do you go from here? 

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