Robin (2021 DC) #14A

Robin (2021 DC) #14A

Written by Joshua Williamson. Art and Cover by Roger Cruz and Norm Rapmund. You can expect a classic comic book art style with the great narrative that the Shadow War has been bringing to us. 


A couple of pages in, we are confronted with a revealing and bonding scene between The Batman and Robin. Surprisingly we are met with a Damian that is evolving from that arrogant spoiled brat to a more grounded version of himself. All this while pushing Batman's own human insecurities revealing the side we always knew he had but was hard for him to reveal. 

Story wise, the war moves forward after Respawn's death with Batman and Robin rushing to try and stop the inevitable. 

Talia has killed Deathstroke.

This crossover has left an unthinkable trail of important deaths from canon characters. Ra's al Ghul, Respawn and now Slade? DEATHSTROKE???? One of those very few villains that can put Batman on edge? 

While I am liking the story A LOT, I did get a little disappointed when we were revealed the ultimate mastermind behind this. I do like the Markovia background in order to create this super-villain intent but I must be honest... I have never liked the name. Helps Geo-Force!!

(Geo-Force was created in 1983 by Aparo and Barr. Now a villain, he was affiliated to the Justice League Outsiders, helped Batman fighting alongside Black Lightning, fixed the moon at some point, fighted terrorists along the Suicide Squad, etc. But the name itself will always remind me of G-Force, yes the hamster team cartoon. No, they are not rats. And yes, I know after googling it you can't unsee it. You are welcome.)

Either way, now we are just a couple of issues away from this plot to end. What on earth is going to happen now?

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