Star Wars Darth Vader (2020 Marvel) #23A

Star Wars Darth Vader (2020 Marvel) #23A

Written by Greg Pak. Art by Raffaele Ienco. Cover by Paul Renaud.


Darth Vader is confronted with his past as the story evolves to portray him as an antihero. Are Padme, Luke Skywalker and even Sabe right in believing there is still good within the Sith Lord? From planet to planet Darth Vader is in a quest to annihilate the Crimson Dawn, but is he willing to help other planets while achieving his mission? Exposed by his darkest secret, Sabe knows he is Anakin Skywalker. Is Anakin still within Darth Vader?

An amazing cover by Renaud and really good art by Ienco. Greg Park brings us a whole new story that makes us emphasize with one of the biggest villains of the cinematic universe. But, are we heading towards a redemption of the Lord Sith as the new Disney antihero? Only time will say. 

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