Venom (2022 Marvel) #7A

Venom (2022 Marvel) #7A

Written by Ram V. Art by Bryan Hitch. Cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair.


This seventh issue gives us a closer look at Dylan as the new Venom. While struggling to control the bloodthirsty symbiote, he also acknowledges sometimes they must fight with their full strength finding balancing as to when to annihilate or just knock out the opponent. They both have yet to learn to work together.

While trying to save Jake, Bedlam shows up just to make things worse. What seems an easy defeat of Bedlam by Venom, is a fatal consequence for Jake and his biker gang as Dylan isn't able to get there on time and save them from a massacre. A perfect hook leaves us wondering why is Bedlam willing to torture Dylan and inflict pain in order to make him stronger. Isn't he there to kill him?

The art and cover smoothly portray a contrasting story. The colors, specifically the way the blue is used, perfectly places you within the middle of the night when all this is happening. The highlights on the characters remind me of a perfect lit action marvel movie. The story is action packed but somehow slow to move forward. Not necessarily a bad thing since we are still getting to know our main character and everyone within the plot. In a good way, it makes me wonder where the story is heading. 

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