What If? Miles Morales (2022 Marvel) #4A

What If? Miles Morales (2022 Marvel) #4A

Written by Yehudi Mercado. Art by Luigi Zagaria & Chris Sotomayor. Cover by Paco Medina & Rachelle Rosenberg.


Miles' uncle, Loki, tricks Thor to bring a giant skull belonging to the King of the Frost Giants. However, the skull is just a Trojan-style trick to bring back to life a monster that wants to kill everyone in Asgard. However, the King of Asgard is ready to let his son die if he is not capable of defeating Laufey. On the verge of defeat, Miles is able to finally defeat the monster. But maybe Loki is right, the real monster might be the one sitting on the throne. 

The art style of the comic is done in a traditional way with little depictions of urban art within in the form of graffiti. However I do feel the graffiti was overdone with some unnecessary tags. Would have rather seen murals than random tags placed all over the place. Makes me wonder if the concept of graffiti was of visual noise rather than popular art. The story seems redundant in stereotypes. 

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