Wolverine #20

Wolverine #20

Yes!!!!! Deadpool has joined the Wolverine comic!!!!

And no, Wolverine doesn't want him nearby. Trying to earn his admission to Krakoa, Deadpool is desperate on finding ways to get in. But over and over, he gets denied or kicked out. Will helping Wolverine recover his severed hand from a dark organization that is conspiring with the government (as usual) earn him the entrance to the Krakoa?

Hopefully this is one of many issues where Deadpool joins Wolverine into those dark and funny adventures. 


Adam Kubert brings us an amazing storytelling art, while Benjamin Percy definitely shines as a writer. I was tempted in getting the variants covers, but to be honest the regular cover by Kubert and Frank Martin is plainly badass. Captures both Wolverine and Deadpool perfectly. I can't wait to have this issue signed!

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