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Captain America (2002 4th Series) #1

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THE SCOOP: Marvel Knights is proud to present an all-new, ongoing CAPTAIN AMERICA series of gut-wrenching intensity, by the acclaimed creative team of writer John Ney Rieber (Books of Magic) and penciler John Cassaday (Planetary)! THE STORY: In the aftermath of 9/11, Cap must deal with the way America, and the world, have changed. From the ruins of the World Trade Center to the horrors of a small town shaken by terrorism, this is one double-sized first issue you'll never forget, and neither will Marvel's star-spangled champion! THE WRITER SPEAKS: "The man's a soldier: fierce, focused, and absolutely dedicated to the American dream," Rieber stated. "He fights for the people, we, the people. Because he's one of us. He knows this country. He sees America as it is, the beauty and the bloody shadows of it, the nobility and the savagery of it. He knows what it could be, what it should be. What it was meant to be, from the beginning... and he'd die to get us there. He is the shield. Liberty's shield. And though he's just a man, like the ideal of freedom that drives him, he's really hard to kill." THE ARTIST SPEAKS: "I can't say this will be a revolution or an unrecognizable Captain America," said Cassaday. "However, what John Ney Rieber and I are putting together will deliver a Captain America that has more on his mind than beating the super-villain-of-the-week senseless. Our Cap believes in the American standard, but you won't catch him delivering syrupy speeches. Our man's patriotic testosterone comes out of his angry fists, not endless rhetoric. He fights for the American dream, fearing he'll never have the chance to experience it himself. Revolution, maybe not. But it is The New Deal."