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OSSM Comics

Foster Paperback

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Vintage City is an asphalt jungle. It's New York, LA, Chicago, and San Francisco all rolled into one - but not their modern incarnations. This is Gotham of forty years ago. A Gritty, analog world, stuck in time before the internet, Starbucks, and cell phones. It's a world that Harry Callahan, Popeye Doyle and Doc McCoy could call Home. Grey Skyscrapers, Diners, Yellow Cabs. Working Stiffs, scurrying out of streetcars in fitted suits and porkpie hats. Buit it's also home to the DWELLERS - monsters of legend that creep in the shadows and feed upon unsuspecting humans that don't know they exist. EDDIE FOSTER is a haunted war vet trying to forget his past in the bottom of a bottle, who find himself the guardians of a six year old boy being hunted by this shadowy race of brutal creatures that are rising up from the darkness. Foster must find the strength to navigate the shadow world while keeping the boy safe, winning his trust, and nurturing his humanity.

Writer - Brian Buccellato Artist - Noel Tuazon