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Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter: The Collector’s Edition

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Ichabod Jones fought hulking beasts, slug monsters, zombies, and more on his journey to become a Monster Hunter. Now join him in the ultimate collection of his work, filled with a never before seen epilogue, pin-ups, and behind the scenes material

Ichabod Jones was a normal every day psycopath who believed God spoke to him through an annoying voice in his head. He was interred in an insane asylum for brutally murdering dozens of people and left for dead...until the Apocalypse came.

Now, he must use all his brutal training to become the hero he was always meant to be and fight back the undead. 

But is Ichabod really in the Apocalypse? Is he dreaming the whole time? Or is he on a brutal killing spree, where he thinks real people are monsters?