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Emerald Knights

Pathfinder Adventure Path #15: The Armageddon Echo

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The city of Celwynvian hides a terrible sin. For countless centuries the elves of the Mierani Forest have barred outsiders from the fabled City of Emerald Rains, in a desperate attempt to contain an ancient shame. But as a new power rises in the depths, the elves’ secret threatens not only to escape, but to rain down devastation upon the entire world. In desperation, elven eyes fall to a band of outsiders for aid. Tread the forsaken ground of Celwynvian, once one of the greatest capitals of elven culture, now a graveyard haunted by the spirits of the past, foul dragons, demons, and worse. Discover the darkest secret of the Mierani Forest and the truth of the cataclysm known as Earthfall. And dare to shed the bonds of eternity and pay witness to an apocalypse that has borne out a thousand times and threatens to devastate Golarion once more!

This volume of Pathfinder includes:

- "The Armageddon Echo," an adventure for 7th-level characters, by Jason Bulmahn.
- The drow of Golarion exposed! Revelations on the most fabled and feared race to haunt the Darklands’ abyssal depths, by Jeff Grubb.
- An exploration of Celwynvian, the abandoned City of Emerald Rains, a vast elven ruin that refuses to sleep peacefully, by Amber Scott.
- Eando Kline discovers that even familiar faces are not always welcome in the Darklands—an entry into the Pathfinder’s Journal by Greg A. Vaughan.
- Four new monsters by Jason Bulmahn, Hal Maclean, and Rob McCreary.

Cover art by Steve Prescott

by Jason Bulmahn, Jeff Grub, Hal Maclean, Rob McCreary, Amber E. Scott, David Schwartz, Greg A. Vaughan, Steve Prescott (Artist) , Concept Art House (Contributing Artist), Julie Dillion (Contributing Artist), Andrew Hou (Contributing Artist), Imaginary Friends Studios (Contributing Artist), Ben Wootten (Contributing Artist), Kevin Yan (Contributing Artist)