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Emerald Knights

Pathfinder Adventure Path #18: Descent into Midnight

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In the depths of the earth, in a realm distant from the lands of light, the drow recite the final incantations necessary to bring about the end of the hated surface world. Their enemies lie defeated, and no nation rises to thwart them. Only a small band of unlikely saviors stands against the dark elves' apocalyptic plan. Braving the ageless and accursed Land of Black Blood—an entire world within the world—the PCs have but a single change to shatter the spell that threatens to throw all of Golarion into a Second Age of Darkness. But in the face of drow, demons, and terrors long banished to the depths of the earth, can there actually be any hope for victory, or is the end truly at hand? Find out in this, the world-shattering climax of the Second Darkness Adventure Path!

This volume of Pathfinder includes:

- "Descent into Midnight," an adventure for 14th-level characters, by Brian Cortijo.
- An explanation of the Land of Black Blood, a vast, lightless realm hidden within the depths of the earth, by Wolfgang Baur.
- Heretical revelations on a legion of the foulest beings in the multiverse, the Demon Lords of Golarion, by James Jacobs.
- Facing the leaders of the Pathfinder Society, Eando Kline must choose between his morals and his life, an entry in to the Pathfinder's Journal, by James L. Sutter.
- Four new monsters by James Jacobs, Jason Nelson, and F. Wesley Schneider.

Cover art by Steve Prescott

by Brian Cortijo, Wolfgang Baur, Elizabeth Courts, James Jacobs, Jason Nelson, F. Wesley Schneider (Goodreads Author), James L. Sutter (Goodreads Author), Steve Prescott (Artist) , Robert Lazzaretti (Cartographer), David Bircham (Contributing Artist), Concept Art House (Contributing Artist), Jason Engle (Contributing Artist), Andrew Hou (Contributing Artist), Chuck Lukacs (Goodreads Author) (Contributing Artist), Tyler Walpole (Contributing Artist), Eva Widermann (Contributing Artist), Kevin Yan