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Emerald Knights

Pathfinder Adventure Path #23 "Legacy of Fire: The Impossible Eye"

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A world of fire and wonder awaits! The path of the planes is fickle, and the PCs' road home proves far more difficult than any had anticipated. Emerging from the pleasure plane of Kakishon reveals all the wealth and terror of a vast efreeti palace, tightly sealed by ancient magics and situated at the heart of the incredible City of Brass. In this lavish citadel of sculpted flame, the PCs gain a glimpse into the burning obsession of their hidden foe. But will their discoveries be of any help to their imperiled world, hidden away in some distant reality? And can they ever hope to escape a prison that has for untold centuries caged some of the most powerful creatures of a realm of endless flame?

This Pathfinder Adventure Path volume includes:

-"The Impossible Eye," an adventure for 11th-level characters, by Greg A. Vaughan.
- A tour of the City of Brass, the ancient capital of the efreet and most legendary city in all the planes, by Wolfgang Baur.
- A fearful look into the savage cult of Rovagug, the imprisoned god of wrath, disaster, and destruction, by Sean K Reynolds.
- The adventures of Pathfinder Channa Ti as she discovers wonders and dangers under the sea in the Pathfinder's Journal, by New York Times bestselling author Elaine Cunningham.
- Four new monsters by Adam Daigle and Greg A. Vaughan.

Cover art by Jesper Ejsing

by Greg A. Vaughan, Elaine Cunningham (Goodreads Author), Wolfgang Baur, Adam Daigle, Edward J. Reed, Sean K. Reynolds, Jesper Ejsing (Artist), Robert Lazzaretti (Cartographer) , Peter Bergting (Contributing Artist), David Bircham (Contributing Artist), Jason Engle (Contributing Artist), Jeff Carlisle (Contributing Artist), Kelly Harris (Contributing Artist), Tyler Walpole (Contributing Artist), Kevin Yan (Contributing Artist)