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Reaper Minatures

Warlord Rising

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Warlord Rising is a fantasy novel - the first of a trilogy - set in Reaper Miniature's war-torn world of Taltos. It chronicles the journeys of a number of groups of adventurers as the travel the land in search of a destiny. From the back cover: Taltos, a land that has never known peace, is thrown into peril as the ancient promise of an awakened god begins to be fulfilled. A fallen knight and a snakeman form an unlikely alliance to protect one innocent. A unit of dwarves set out to free a betrayer. A slavemaster gambles all to seize the ultimate prize. A necromancer activates the last stage in a dire plan. The destiny of thousands wavers as every answer brings more questions, each victory reveals more battles, and a race to a final showdown begins. Allies and enemies are counted as warlords rise in the land of Taltos.